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Who we are

  The principal owner, Mr. Jack Wedekind, was originally trained and employed in the electronics field. While on assignment for ITT and under contract to NATO in Europe, Mr. Wedekind met a person who owned and operated a sail loft. Much free time was spent at the loft learning traditional techniques and operations. Jack had grown up with boats and boating on Long Island Sound in Stony Brook New York, so this was simply an extension of an already honed fascination.

  After returning to Long Island Jack saw a need for a sail loft and opened Wedekind Sailmakers right on the harbor at Port Jefferson Long Island in 1974. It was a time of many changes in the sail making trade. New materials, new design parameters, construction techniques, but most of all the introduction of computers. “We knew what shapes were empirically desirable, but couldn’t always achieve them in the final product.”

  The advent of the PC at an “affordable” price opened a new world to designers.

  Jack applied his sail making skills along with those of an electronics man and developed a new way to calculate the shape and set of a good sail. Proprietary programs were developed and the ability to customize sails that compliment individual boats became a reality. Operating wind velocities, apparent wind directions at all levels of a sail, sheeting angles, sail entrance angles, camber locations, all became important parameters of sail design. “We can make any boat point higher and go faster than it did before,” says

  Jack. “One simply has to be amazed at the improvement in the boats sailing qualities.”  “It’s hard to be a profit in one’s home town.” That’s an often-used sentence heard around the loft! “These sails are great! My boat never performed so well.” Is another well-heard verse used by customers of WEDEKIND SAILMAKERS.






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